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Professor Henry Snaith’s photovoltaics research group at the University of Oxford, wasn’t set up as an academic incubator, but for the startup Swift Solar it played that role. “We can trace everything back to myself, Tomas, Max and Sam working in the same research group at Oxford,” Giles Eperon, co-founder of Swift Solar said. At that time, huge advances and new discoveries in perovskite technology were made almost weekly, and Swift Solar’s founding members were all working on the technology.

After leaving Oxford, the founders kept working on different aspects of perovskite technology at MIT, Stanford and the University of Washington. “I was working on ways to make good low wavelength absorbing perovskites, and Tomas and Kevin had been working on how to really stabilize perovskite devices to the point that we could grow two on top of each other,” Eperon said.

After they discovering that their research was naturally complimentary, the team regrouped for a few weeks to conduct intensive research. “[We] managed to make world-record perovskite tandems,” Eperon said, noting that the record was for the percentage of power from photons turned into useful electricity.

From there, the idea to form a company that could commercialize their technology was born.

Swift Solar was officially founded three years ago with research groups split between San Francisco and National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Golden, Colorado-based research lab.

The technology

Perovskite solar cells are a type of thin-film solar cell that are highly efficient at harnessing sunlight to generate electricity. Earlier this year, Martin Keller,

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