PNW startups raised more than $1B in Q3 — here’s why investors are still making bets amid pandemic – GeekWire

Startups in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest continue raising gobs of money even amid an ongoing economic and health crisis.

Venture capital investors sunk $1.1 billion across 65 deals during the third quarter, according to GeekWire’s tally, derived from our running list of Pacific Northwest startup investments. Funding totals from July and August eclipsed last year’s levels.

Brianna McDonald. (Keiretsu Photo)

The investment activity follows a strong first half of 2020 for Seattle and the broader Pacific Northwest startup ecosystem.

Clearly, investors are happily writing checks despite a global pandemic that doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be an early-stage investor, with a wealth of opportunities at our fingertips,” said Brianna McDonald, president of the Keiretsu Forum Northwest investment network.

McDonald said the pandemic has reinforced the value of technology now more than ever.

“The need for innovation and advancement is apparent which is manifest in our pipeline of deals we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic,” she noted.

Geoff Entress. (PSL Photo)

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