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Strategy Session is a feature for Crunchbase News where we ask venture capital firms five questions about their investment strategies.

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A chance “meeting” on Twitter between Lolita Taub and Jessie Middleton became the starting point for a new fund called The Community Fund.

Taub is chief of staff at software engineering company Catalyte–among other roles–while Middleton is general partner at Flybridge, a seed-stage venture capital firm.

The fund, based out of the East Coast, went live in early October and includes a $5 million, three-year vehicle that will invest in 100 companies, providing $50,000 checks for pre-seed and seed rounds for startups that are community-driven.

Taub discussed the fund’s origins and strategy with Crunchbase News.

What led you to start The Community Fund?

Lolita Taub, The Community Fund

Taub: Jessie and I connected on Twitter over how startups are meeting with investors virtually as a result of COVID-19. I created a startup/investor matching tool that had been around for about five months. It had attracted 1,100 founders and 400 investors, and I’ve seen 11 checks written as a result. In fact, Jessie got over 50 leads.

He told me he was thinking about funding a fund, similar to XFactor Ventures, but geared toward community. There was a mutual agreement about doing this, though

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