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Juniors Jessica Kaplan and Zoe Antell’s startup, “ready dress go,” pioneers affordable, fashionable and comfortable women’s business attire.


Jessica Kaplan and Zoe Antell, heads of new businesswear line “ready set go.” Photo courtesy Jessica Kaplan

Jaime Svinth, Staff Writer

No matter if it’s a job interview, pitching event or information session, nothing quite screams uncomfortable like wearing “business professional” attire for juniors Jessica Kaplan and Zoe Antell.

 While they were first-years in the  Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) business fraternity, they were haunted by the cries of itchy fabric and empty wallets of every pantsuit-sporting woman. With the help of $2000 in grants from the Owen School of Management and $2300 from the Wond’ry, the duo launched “ready dress go” in hopes of bringing the comfort and fashion of business attire to young women across the country. 

After pledging into DSP their freshman year, Kaplan and Antell were bombarded with networking events, information sessions and a variety of business functions that required them to dress professionally. They found a common bond in their distaste for the business attire they had to wear.

“We complained about the lack of options for young women who are going to their first interviews or jobs like ours,” Kaplan said. “On one of these conversations, on our walk back to Commons one day, Zoe turned and looked to me and said ‘why don’t we do something about this?’”


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