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Startup ecosystem is a tough ecosystem to access for any individual, with multiple barriers and hurdles. While for most entrepreneurs, money is the biggest hurdle when starting a new business, for women, that’s just one of the many stumbling blocks that they face.

From limited access to investment to discriminating socio-cultural norms and beliefs, women have to go through an added round of scrutiny in their entrepreneurial journeys.

In this day and age, when economic empowerment remains a primary goal for institutions and organisations, it is important to acknowledge that enabling women entrepreneurship is a pathway to enhance women’s economic empowerment and social wellbeing, leading to better realisation of overall sustainable economic growth.

The Need

Reports have shown that men tend to lay the foundation for their businesses with nearly twice as much financial capital than accorded to women. On the other hand, according to a Bain & Company research, women-led enterprises, when provided with equal access to inputs, produce equally strong economic outcomes when compared with enterprises led by men.

This poses a serious concern for the budding women entrepreneurs who have the necessary talent, skill and calibre but lack equivalent external support, trust and financing means to bring their idea to fruition.


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