What do investors look for? 5 tips from seasoned European investors – EU-Startups

Most startup founders face the challenge of fundraising at some point in their business’s lifetime. For some of them, it happens naturally and easily through a well-built network, event participation, a pitch competition, or memorable press coverage. For others, attracting investment is a more challenging endeavor, which might take many months to secure. 

There certainly are multiple resources where one can find recommendations and do’s and don’ts of fundraising. Over the years, we’ve seen that some of the most valuable insights are coming from those who are directly in charge of providing investment and have had hundreds and hundreds of meetings and attended pitches with startups. 

The takeaways below are from interviews the team has had in the last months with founders of VCs and angel investors, with very different backgrounds. Some of them invest in social impact companies, others only in female founders, and others in tech startups. So, without further ado, here are the top five pieces of advice they are giving to those in need of securing the next investment round.

A clear story

Aline Vedder is the Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures, a European VC that invests in startups addressing social challenges in areas such as education, health, and ageing. Aline has

Author: Pitching Startup on Review