Marissa Mayer rebrands startup, introduces new contact list app – Palo Alto Online

Palo Alto-based startup company Lumi Labs has evolved into Sunshine, which debuted on Wednesday its first product: an app that helps users to keep their mobile contact list up to date and organized with the help of artificial intelligence.

The app is currently available to iPhone users by invite only.

Sunshine, founded in 2018 by former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Enrique Munoz Torres, former senior vice president of Yahoo’s ad and search department remains based in its original downtown Palo Alto office. Its goal appears to remain the same as well: to build timesaving apps for users in their everyday tasks.

“Sunshine’s technology will make the mundane effortless, free up your time, and make it easier to be thoughtful,” the two co-founders wrote in a blog on their company’s website.

With Sunshine Contacts, Mayer and Torres are starting at people’s virtual Rolodexes. The app organizes a user’s contacts — gathered from Apple and Google contacts and other online address books — conveniently into one central location, according to the company website.

The app can then update the contacts automatically and add additional information such as a person’s current job or profile picture by pulling from their LinkedIn account, for example. It can also figure out who the user might want to exchange contact information with using location data that’s accessed with permission.

Other features include removing duplicate listings and automatically pulling up the most recent email correspondence with a contact in order to, for example, have a piece of information conveniently available

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