Antimicrobial startup joins UConn’s TIP incubator – Hartford Business

A startup that seeks to “disrupt the antimicrobial marketplace” is completing its move to Connecticut to join UConn’s Technology Incubation Program (TIP). 

DeBogy Molecular, a bioengineering startup with a focus on antimicrobial surface modification technology, will gain access to UConn’s research facilities and other early-stage innovators in biotech and life sciences.

Founded in Pittsburgh, DeBogy has patented technology that transforms the molecular surface structure of a wide range of materials to permanently destroy microbes on contact. The process works on textiles, wood and plastics and affects bacterial, viral and fungal cells. 

“Our vision is to enable a safe social environment that permanently renders high-touch materials germ-free,” DeBogy CEO Wayne Gattinella said.  “The DeBogy platform will dramatically disrupt the antimicrobial marketplace, characterized by temporary and inefficient surface sprays, wipes and coatings.”

UConn’s TIP program gives startups access to more than 30,000 square feet of lab and office space across the UConn campuses.

Among the program’s success stories is Azitra Inc., a biotech developing dermatological medications that recently moved to Branford.

Author: Pitching Startup on Review