Executive Turntable: Deadmau5 Lords Over Livestream Startup, WEA Has New President – Billboard

“We tested every other provider offering and I didn’t find what I was looking for. Marcelo met with me via StreamVoodoo and showed me the quality, security and reliability of the service. Right after that, we got to working and the fact that StreamVoodoo was able to integrate with our current frontend was incredible. The integration literally took five minutes. With other providers this would take months and it still wouldn’t come close to this quality. Marcelo, Richard and Sam love technology as much as I do. Their execution is phenomenal for live concerts and streaming sessions at scale with no latency.”

StreamVoodoo will enable musicians and creatives to conduct private sessions, concerts, interviews, lessons and tutorials in high-quality video and audio. Users can also host remote video interviews with broadcast quality video and audio; stream content from their websites from anywhere in real time; and bridge all video feeds via a switcher like OBS to stream to social media or record locally. The platform also allows fans to tune into content in a browser window without plugins or downloads.

“We know deadmau5 pushes the boundaries of visual and audio experiences,” added Moyano. “His shows are legendary and everyone loves the energy he creates during live concerts. He has been streaming for over thirteen years and needed a solution to launch his own streaming platform. Richard, Sam and I felt compelled to find a way to have deadmau5 on board as an equity partner in StreamVoodoo. His creativity is

Author: Pitching Startup on Review