Why I Used My Startup’s Techstars Demo Day To Advocate For Other Black Founders – Crunchbase News

By Craig J. Lewis

Pitching at a Techstars Demo Day is known to increase a startup’s business and serves as a good way to attract more investors. So as everyone in our cohort was practicing their pitches to land new investors, I wanted to use my space and time creatively. We were preparing to close our Series A round, and didn’t need any more investors, but we knew other Black founders did. And I knew that the investor community would be listening to our pitches.

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Investors needed to understand the opportunity they were missing out on by not prioritizing investing in more Black founders. More specifically, they were missing out on ROI. Investors typically invest in what they’re familiar and comfortable with, so you will see more Black entrepreneurs getting cash when you see more Black investors.

Craig J. Lewis, founder and CEO of Gig Wage

The vast majority of investors are white males. In that case, it “makes sense” that they would be comfortable and resonate and relate more to other white males. Discrimination and racism are embedded in America’s fabric, so it’s designed to exclude underserved and underrepresented people.

We need the unique perspectives from diverse communities because diversity is not just a Black thing. If you’re serving a diverse global market, you want various ideas

Author: Pitching Startup on Review